Motorola Defy Android Phone Hitting T-Mobile Later This Year

There was some doubt as to whether Motorola would keep the Defy European-only, but yesterday on The Oprah Winfrey Show (?!) they confirmed it'll be out in the US before Christmas, exclusive to T-Mobile.

As I said when Motorola showed it off a couple of weeks ago in the UK, the specs of this Android 2.1 phone are a tad bit basic, with the real appeal being the rugged outdoors nature of the build. It's scratch, water and dust resistant, in case you were already eyeing it up as the perfect climbing partner.

It'll run the Motoblur skin over Android 2.1 and has an 800MHz OMAP3610 processor, 2GB of storage, 512MB RAM, 3.7-inch HVGA screen and 5MP camera. [Motorola via AndroidAndMe]

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