Might A Google Voice Mobile App Finally Be Approved?

Earlier today, Apple published its App Store Review Guidelines and we giggled over how specific and peculiar they are in some cases. Developer Sean Kovacs probably wasn't giggling along with us though, because he was too busy searching for answers: He wanted to know why his app, Google Voice Mobile, was rejected.

When Kovacs realised that his third-party Google Voice app didn't violate a single one of the hundred or so rules listed by Apple, he emailed the company. As a result, an "Apple representative responded that given the new guidelines released today he was welcome to resubmit GV Mobile for review".

This makes us optimistic about seeing GV Mobile on our non-jailbroken iOS devices, but it's certainly no guarantee. After all, just because Kovacs' app doesn't break any rules, doesn't mean that Apple has to allow it into the App Store. [TechCrunch - Thanks, Marc!]

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