Microsoft Wants To Know If Students Have Been Screen-ed Lately

Make a 7-themed, 7-minute film, win great prizes. If you're a University or TAFE student at the moment with time to kill and access to some kind of video camera — neither of which should be terribly hard to manage — you may wish to enter Microsoft's latest film competition, dubbed SCREEN-Ed.

The basic theme has to revolve around "seven", although seven of what is up to you. You could even use the number seven as a concept, Sesame Street Style. You've also only got seven minutes to tell your exciting tale.

What do you get from the experience apart from a more finely honed sense of numeracy? Well, the best film will get a meet-the-filmmaker experience with Patrick Hughes, the writer, director, producer and editor of Red Hill. The most original screenplay gets a special Masterclass with the writer and director of Summer Coda, Richard Gray. And for those who best utilise the seven theme itself, a Microsoft Entertainment Package is up for grabs, including two HP DM3 Windows 7 Laptops, three Xbox 360 Elite Consoles, three copies of Windows 7 Ultimate and three Windows Phone 7 Series handsets. We can't help but notice that no matter which way you slice it, none of those things adds up to seven exactly.

Deadline for entries is Monday, 25 October 2010. Given that three of the prizes are Windows Phone 7 Handsets, does that mean we'll see actual Windows Phone 7 releases by then?

In the meantime, I'd like to pitch this to SCREENed under the category of "Laziest possible entry with the most repetitive use of the word Seven possible".


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