Microsoft Bribes You With Rewards To Use Bing

Microsoft Bribes You With Rewards To Use Bing

Bing! Are you using it? Some of you are. Not enough, according to Microsoft, so they’re resorting to a strategy seldom seen since the bubble days of the late ’90s and early ’00s and giving you rewards to use their service.

AU: The sign-up process requires you to download a “Bing bar”, which only works in Internet Explorer (predictably). Fortunately, this is a US-only thing, so we don’t have to worry. -EH

The easiest reward to get is Microsoft points, which you can use for Xbox Live or Zune. For signing up and installing the Bing bar (compatible with IE and maaaaybe Firefox), you get 250 points. 100 Bing points translates into 100 Microsoft points, which in turn translates into $US1.25.

Beyond the 250 points upfront, you can do more searches to get more points. You can get 8 points for searching 16 times per day, plus they have daily pre-programmed searches to hand out 6 points each. Keep doing this and you’ll rack up enough points for video games, Bing merchandise, random knick-knacks and gift cards.

The bad part about those Microsoft points is that they’re going to send those to you in the mail instead of giving you a download code to enter into your Xbox account. Why they’re doing it this way – because the card just has a damn download code on it, anyway – is beyond me. [Bing Rewards via Kotaku]