Mental Note: Never Become A Radio Technician

You've all seen those monstrously large radio towers that beam out your favourite radio or television program. It's worth remembering that if something goes wrong, some poor sap has to climb to the top of that tower to fix it. And occasionally, that poor sap will wear a helmet-mounted camera and create a YouTube video of the experience of climbing up a 538m tower.

What's amazing is that while the video is from the States, the climbers are actually allowed to climb without any safety harnesses attached. I can understand the reasoning - climbing to that kind of height and having to stop every few steps to attach a safety rope would be exhausting. But once you got to that final stretch - I know I'd feel a lot more comfortable knowing that should I slip, I'd only fall a few metres into a terrible wedgie, rather than 500m to my death.

Watch the clip full screen as well for the full effect.

[Thanks Josh!]

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