Meet Sony's Future Reader Displays - Flexible E-Paper

A few months back Sony demonstrated their ultra-thin flexible OLED panel, which was thinner than a human hair and could be wrapped around a pencil. While not as visually impressive, their flexible e-paper at least has a chance of launching.

Saying that, I can think of a dozen uses for the 80μm-thick OLED. Imagine it as a watch, circling around your wrist - displaying crazy graphics like a vamped-up Tokyo Flash.

With their e-paper, it's really only intended for use as a newspaper substitute, as demonstrated previously by LG. Whether their next Readers use the flexi-paper or if we could see a 19-inch version of broadsheets in the near future, time will tell, but it's pretty obvious this plastic substrate will be used quite a bit in the coming years. [Sony Insider via SlashGear]

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