The Long Wait For The Iliad Of Modern Cooking, Modernist Cuisine

Nathan Myhrvold, Bill Gates's former right-hand man, is well known as the mastermind behind Intellectual Ventures. But he's also an insane chef, who's been working on the definitive guide to modern cooking, a six-volume, 2400-page tome, Modernist Cuisine. It's delayed.

Produced by a 15-person team with help from some of our favourite chefs, like David Chang and Wylie Dufresne, who variously describe it as "amazing" and "the cookbook to end all cookbooks", the encyclopaedia was supposed to drop in December. But it's been delayed in part for a very simple reason: It's too heavy. The 18kg package, which uses a custom-designed box within a box as the shipping container, failed torture-testing by Amazon.

So, we wait to see untold scientific mysteries of food unravelled - with utterly amazing, ground-breaking food photography - until March. (Though you can still pre-order it for $US500.) In the meantime, you can take a tour of the kitchen lab, which is housed in the same warehouse as Intellectual Ventures. [Modernist Cuisine via NYT, Seattle Food Geek]

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