Let's Talk Adventure: Joe Brown Is Making Me Ride To Montana

Found a Land Cruiser. It's in Montana. If I can get it tomorrow, I can go to Overland Rally in Hollister. No problem. I can fly. But Gizmodo's Joe Brown says if I'm taking tomorrow off, I have to ride.

It's 950km to Hamilton, Montana, from Portland, Oregon. My arse is going to curse him every mile.

The longest ride I've done on my bike in one run so far has been around 320km. I'll need to do at least that much tonight just to be able to get to the dealership at a reasonable time tomorrow.

I could have just flown tomorrow and had the dealer pick me up in Missoula. In fact, I was going to. But then Joe Brown decided that if I really wanted to earn a day off, I would have to ride - then figure out a way to get my motorcycle back from Montana. There's no U-Haul office that has a trailer to rent, but there may be a place in Missoula. Or I could buy a motorcycle hitch carrier and take my Yamaha XT225 dual-sport with me down to the Rally. (That's not the bike I'm riding to Montana.)

All I know is the sun is already getting low in the sky. I have to run to the credit union to sign the loan paperwork. And then I have to hit the blacktop and burn off as many miles as I can make in a day.

I wish I would have bought a windscreen for my Suzuki. This is going to be a chilly trip.

If you have advice, the best thing to do is hit me up on Twitter. I'm @joeljohnson.

Damn you, Joe Brown. My fingers are cold just typing.

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