Let's Not Talk About The PSP2

In 2005, Sony released the original PlayStation Portable. Five years have passed and the handheld has seen various iterations, including a digital download-only version. It's about time for a new PSP.

You know, a PSP2. There have been rumours that the device exists, but it is still too early for Sony to show it. During this year's Tokyo Game Show, I asked Sony Computer Entertainment exec Shuhei Yoshida about it. The exchange was as follows:

"Another thing I wanted to ask you about was the PSP2."

"OK," Yoshida replied.

"What's the difference between a PSP and a PSP2?"

"What's a PSP2?" he asked, laughing.

I explained that it would be silly of Sony not to make another PlayStation Portable.

"You mean," he asked, "like another portable gaming device?"


"Personally, I cannot see Sony not making another portable gaming device. I completely agree."

No doubt Sony will make another PlayStation Portable. The platform has been successful, especially in Japan. But will it be digital download-only like PSPgo, or will it have Sony's UMD format?

"Of course, I am not answering that question," Yoshida replied, all grins. "But as technology and infrastructure improves, digital devices will become a larger part of people's lives."

Yoshida pointed out that it takes time for hard drive prices to go down and internet speed to go up. "Then it becomes easier and easier to handle game files."

When Sony launched the original PSP, it was competing with the original Nintendo DS. Now there is the 3D glasses-free Nintendo 3DS and the iPhone 4. What can Sony do so that it can compete with the iPhone 4 and the Nintendo 3DS?

"Of course, you know, I won't answer that question. But if you were to imagine you were part of Sony Computer Entertainment, that you were in our shoes, and you were in the position to give input to the company for a new platform, don't you think that would be a fun job?"

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