Latest iPod Nano's Materials Cost Just $US43.73

Six generations on, and the cost of materials has decreased dramatically from the first-ever iPod Nano, which cost $US89.97 - for just 2GB. The 8GB version that came out recently has parts totalling $US43.73.

Even the second-gen iPod Nano, which was double the capacity of the first one, cost a whopping $US72.24. Of course, this was back in the day when a 4GB iPod Nano cost $US199 upfront, compared to the $US149 an 8GB-er costs now.

iSuppli has listed manufacturing costs at around $US1.37, and while this is the first model to contain a touchscreen component, the screen and Toshiba-originated memory together costs just half of the total materials cost. [iSuppli]

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