Justin Bieber Music-Playing Dolls Prove Life Can Always Get Worse

Tween pop horror Justin Bieber pwns Twitter, needs a haircut and is still better at riding a Segway than some people we won't mention. So it kinda makes sense that he's going to ruin everybody's Christmas with a range of hideous dolls that play 30-second audio clips of his musical monstrosities.

Music trade rag Billboard alerted us to the existence of the toy range, which also includes microphones and an super-ugly teddy bear. Some days being Helen Keller really sounds like an appealing option. Though the likeness isn't so much BeelzeBieber as a leftover Ken doll that got left on the shelf after Barbie ditched his sorry ass. Sorry, did I just share too much?

[Justin Bieber Toys via Billboard via Digital Spy]

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