Justin Bieber Music-Playing Dolls Prove Life Can Always Get Worse

Tween pop horror Justin Bieber pwns Twitter, needs a haircut and is still better at riding a Segway than some people we won't mention. So it kinda makes sense that he's going to ruin everybody's Christmas with a range of hideous dolls that play 30-second audio clips of his musical monstrosities.

Music trade rag Billboard alerted us to the existence of the toy range, which also includes microphones and an super-ugly teddy bear. Some days being Helen Keller really sounds like an appealing option. Though the likeness isn't so much BeelzeBieber as a leftover Ken doll that got left on the shelf after Barbie ditched his sorry ass. Sorry, did I just share too much?

[Justin Bieber Toys via Billboard via Digital Spy]


    Dear lord,
    Why must you torture us so?

    Oh God, LMFAO. This has to be the funniest story, Angus, you are a legend.

    your opinion on the topic of 'Justin Bieber' is duly noted, and appreciated.

    A plastic, lifeless doll manipulated by a consumer with a digitally enhanced voice... Sounds very lifelike to the real one to me.

    Even though this is torture to the ones that dont like the new phase of 'bieber fever' this is very smart for the people that produce this as they know the main audince is young teens. so well done on that part...

    [email protected]

    I don't know about you, but I want to find the man who created these abominations, and beat him to the sound of Justin Bieber singing.

    Ive got some good ideas, lets see how long bieber lasts in an oven or microwave, see how quick we can get hin into lower earth orbit.

    Take me to your Bieber!

    I saw these on Sunrise this morning. I think I'll go kill myself now.

    I officially now have resigned from life...there simply is no meaning

    Wells even adults need things/toys to melt in the microwave now and again

    having honestly never heard him sing (and hopefully never will), is he one of those moments in life where you discover you are old.

    seems like every adult hates him and every kid loves him.

    I wonder what would happen if you stuck pins into it....

    Hey,,,,give him a break guys....But i guess he doesn't need one when he is holding hands with Kim Kardishan!!

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