iStreamer Displays Tweets In Auto-Scrolling Format

If you ever played with the ill-fated Twitter rip-off Plurk, iStreamer will seem familiar. It's a social feed service which displays tweets, RSS feeds and other updates in a timeline, scrolling cross-ways like a nice desk dashboard accessory.

Virtually any type of update can be added to the timeline, even search keywords. If you set up an alert for "alligators eating toast" you'll see updates - however infrequent - scrolling across the screen automatically. You can catch up on updates you may've missed if you popped out, by scrolling tactile-ly yourself.

The video below, shot by CrunchGear, shows off the app well. It's a bit of a commitment at $5, so you'll be wanting to ensure it's going to offer what you need from a social app over the likes of the official Twitter app. [iTunes via CrunchGear]

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