iPhone App Filters In Important Outside Noise When Listening To Music

How often have you listened to music in the office and not realised someone's shouting at you? Or unknowingly missed an announcement on the train that the course was changing? Awareness! The Headphone App could be a $6 lifesaver.

Available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch, it utilises the inbuilt microphone and feeds in relevant outside noise over the music. How does the app know what's relevant or not? Well, it's probably not accurate 100 per cent of the time, but any sharp noises (such as a car horn or someone suddenly shouting) will make it over your David Bowie, but constant noise, such as a jackhammer or people talking next to you, will remain blocked out.

Well, as blocked out as they always were, which is to say... [iTunes via Shiny Shiny via OhGizmo]

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