Internode Drops 1TB Plan Price, Adds Data

Cheaper plans, plans with more data, and all with no off-peak times to worry about.

When Internode announced its "T-Shirt" themed broadband deals, we were impressed by the lack of a peak/off-peak distinctions, but the pricing, at $150 when bundled with a phone plan didn't make them the most price competitive.

Seems like Internode wants to retain its reputation for competition, however, as the plans at launch have had a price cut, dropping $30 to $119.95 bundled, $129.95 unbundled for the 1TB plan. The entry level "S" plan also jumps up to 150GB, with the older 50GB equivalent easy plan being quietly discontinued for new signups.

That still doesn't make the Internode plans the cheapest 1TB plans out there, but it's now a lot closer and all without the carrot/stick problem of having peak/off-peak times to worry about. [Internode]

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