Imagining A Lego Mega Man

What do you get when you cross Mega Man with Lego? Graphic artist Raphael Phillips twists those two worlds together in his first Mega Man Lego collection over at The 8-bit Cubist.

The original Mega Man lends himself particularly well to the Lego treatment, consisting of not much more than blocks himself. The colour swaps might be simple enough, but the Lego versions of Mega's various powers are handled quite beautifully. I'd pay for a set of these Lego creations in a heartbeat.

Of course these are only renders, which is sad, but they're the first in what should be a large collection of such renders, which is happy. Stay tuned to The 8-Bit Cubist for more of Raphael's adorable Mega Man Lego collections.

Mega Man Lego Collection by Raphael Phillips [The 8-Bit Cubist]

Republished from Kotaku.

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