iLife '11 Shows Up Early On Amazon For $USc99

Rumours of Apple's next iLife release have abounded for a few months now, but it looks like Amazon's lifted the veil: a product listing indicates that an iLife '11 Family Pack will be available in 2-4 weeks for $US99.

There hasn't been a new iLife since January 2009, making it more than overdue for an update. The Amazon product listing, which was discovered by TUAW and has since been pulled from the online retailer, had apparently gone unnoticed since it first went up on July 27.

While there have previously been iLife '11 books offered online, they don't amount to much more than publisher guesswork. This time, Amazon's offered up the actual product, complete with timeline. And given that the US is in the midst of back-to-school and approaching the Christmas season, the time is ripe for Apple to usher in their new and improved software suite. [TUAW via AppleInsider]

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