If Mozilla Made A Mobile Phone, This Is How It Might Look

Everyone's busy gossiping about a Facebook phone which may or may not exist right now, but let's pause all that and daydream about a lovely phone that very certainly won't ever become reality: The Mozilla Seabird.

The Seabird is a design created for the Mozilla Labs' Concept Series by a fellow named Billy May. It's basically a community-driven exploration of how an Open Web phone might look. The design involves an Android-based operating system, an 8MP camera, dual side pico projectors, wireless charging and an embedded Bluetooth dongle.

Mozilla makes it clear that this concept is just something dreamed up by its community and not a planned project, but that doesn't stop me from wishing that this potentially impossible piece of tech would find its way onto shelves instead of the FacePhone. [Mozilla Labs via TechCrunch]


    Seriously release this thing!!!!!
    Getting sooo sick of these concepts and NO actual awesome products

    I can imagine the battery life on this being 1hr using the projector and the keyboard combo using todays batteries. They would need nano batteries if they want to keep that phone size and get at least a days usage on one charge. Otherwise this phone would need to ship with a car battery to be used as an extended battery.

    Ugly as sin and completely impractical design. Has anyone actually used those projected virtual keyboards? They're horrible, far worse even than an on-screen keyboard.

    This is just a pipe-dream, the battery will last an hour with all that running. There's also no bezel around the screen. There's a reason why modern phones still have a bezel and it's not because they like the look, but because there are components that must bind the screen.

    Whoever designed this was just throwing insane concepts together, with no thought as to how practical or even possible it might be.

      What do you mean. Each of these technologies already exist in some form separately. the only issue would be size (which is a problem easily solved by time) and as you rightly say, battery capacity (ditto).

      I remember when I got my first mp3 player, and I constantly missed calls on my mobile I thought "it would be so cool if when I got a call the music stopped and I could answer the phone, like a phone that had an mp3 player in it." That seemed impossibly distant at the time and now I have a phone that measures the magnetic field of the earth. OF THE EARTH!

    Where do I pre-order?

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