I'd Like My Ring Samurai Style

Despite a lifelong fascination with the pinkie ring and a brief flirtation with a Livestrong bracelet, I've never actually worn jewellery. I might have to revise that stance, though, for this ring forged by samurai swordmaking technique.

Metalworker James Binnion has adapted the mokume gane method to rings, giving them a layered, grainy effect, as seen above.

Mokume gane is...a metal working technique developed in Japan approximately three to four hundred years ago, in which two or more layers of metal are permanently joined together in alternating layers to form a stack (or billet). In the traditional Japanese technique the bond was achieved by diffusion welding of the layers in a charcoal forge. On this laminated billet patterns of the different coloured alloys were created by a combination of cutting, twisting, and forging of the laminate in ways to expose the various layers. The patterned billet was then formed into finished work by applying standard forging and fabrication techniques.

Binnion clamps up to 30 layers together, laminating them in an electric kiln before forging, carving and rolling into beautiful finger candy. The result: wedding bands that look forged from a petrified forest. [James Binnion via Core77]

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