HyperDrive 750GB Hard Drive Connects Right To Your iPad

From the good folks who make the power-in-a-pinch HyperMac batteries, the HyperDrive is a hard drive that connects directly to your iPad. It has a touchscreen, can read 12 types of memory cards and has capacities reaching 750GB.

The HyperDrive overcomes the Camera Connection Kit's 32GB limit by arranging folders into separate, iPad-readable 32GB drives, allowing users to store up to 750GB of photos and video on the go and transfer them to the iPad as needed. A 3.2-inch colour touchscreen lets users pick the desired files, and it also displays JPEG and RAW images. When not connected to an iPad, it functions as a standard USB external hard drive.

The HyperDrive also serves as a memory card backup device, reading 12 popular formats with two card readers, including Compact Flash, SD, SDHC and the rest. There's a whole range of sizes too, depending on your needs:

120GB: $US299 160GB: $US349 250GB: $US399 320GB: $US449 500GB: $US499 640GB: $US549 750GB: $US599

If you're one of the brave souls trying to replace the laptop with an iPad, then the ability to directly dump photo and video files - a lot of them - will be a welcome one. But depending on just how many files you need to dump, it could end up costing you as much as the iPad itself. [HyperShop]

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