How To Supercharge Your Booze For Fast Infused Cocktails

Infused liquors are the darling of high end mixologists everywhere - but the aging process required usually makes it a no-no for drinking at home. No more! Using only a cream whipper, you can shove flavour into drinks in minutes.

The trick is the gaseous cream whipper - usually used to create whipped cream and other foams - which pounds nuanced flavours of fruit and spice into liquor with the help of nitrous oxide. The gas pressurises the concoction leaving you with a union between drink and fruit (or jalapeno! or ginger! or carrots! or anything!). After it's done pressurising, strain out the infusion, pour and, well, you know what to do from there! Drink responsibly, Giz readers! [Cooking Issues via The Atlantic]

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