How A Plastic Sandwich Bag Saved This Premature Baby's Life

Lexi Lacey was born 14 weeks premature. She weighed less than 500g. She was given a 10 per cent chance to live. And a plastic sandwich bag from the hospital cafeteria saved her life.

The main concern with a baby born that early is keeping maintaining body temperature; they lack the necessary body fat to stay warm. But the incubators at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, where Lexi was born, were designed to accommodate babies born from 28 weeks onwards. Because there was no time to move her to a special facility, doctor's had to improvise. Enter the plastic sandwich bag.

The bag, just 15cm, was small enough to act as an insulating jacket for Lexi, sustaining her until she was strong enough to be transferred to a better-equipped hospital. She then spent 11 weeks in recovery and was finally allowed to go home on September 3. [Telegraph, Image via SWNS]

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