Home-Use Drugs Tester: 'Just Suck On This Dear...'

Normally parents rely on telltale signs such as an increased/decreased appetite or perhaps new decor including the bedroom wallpapered with Bob Marley posters, but in two years' time they can just whip out a handheld drugs tester instead.

British scientists have been working on the Vantix biosensor for home use, which can detect traces of weed, cocaine and other drugs in someone's saliva in mere minutes. It'll be very pricey when it becomes available in 2012 at around £350 ($577), with every test costing up to £10 ($16), but at least it tests for around 10 drugs. You'd better hope your child/employee/pet quits their drug habit pretty speedily anyway, at that price.

My guess is that it'd work much like the device Philips created for police use, with the sensor giving a digital verdict on the fate of the drugged-out one's after-school activities. [Med Guru]

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