Happy 80th Birthday To Scotch Tape - Saviour Of The Klutzes

Whether it's holding together your glasses, the TV remote or your grandmother's birthday present, Scotch tape has been one of the constants in our lives since before we can remember. Today, lift your beer for its 80th birthday.

In the usual manner of age-old products, we're not entirely sure today is the actual 80th birthday of the sticky tape, though it's the closest thing we have to an anniversary, going by the date 3M began marketing it.

Do you know why scotch tape is so-called, though? As the story goes, a car dealer was irritated with 3M's thriftiness at only placing adhesive stripping down the sides of the tape, he labelled it "scotch tape", after Scotland's reputation for minding its money.

While plenty of companies now produce the sticky tape, 3M's is believed to be the first, with the European brand Sellotape birthed just seven years later. [Wired]

Image Credit: Roadside Pictures

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