Gourmet Live: The Delicious New Gourmet Magazine For iPad

Gourmet was one of the more heartbreaking causalities of the Condé Nast's purge last year. But now, the beloved food mag is back as Gourmet Live, a beautiful iPad app that's filled with great foodie content, new and old.

Unlike many of the big name iPad magazines that simply mirror the print version's content, Gourmet Live is something else entirely, an attempt to give a popular print magazine a life after death in digital-only form. For the most part, they've succeeded beautifully.

Gourmet Live includes articles, recipes, videos and more, presented in an attractive, clean grid with bold photos. Much of the content is new - including articles plucked from new partners Eater and SeriousEats - though some has been dug up from Gourmet's extensive print archive, dating back to 1941. Pieces that launched with the app include a look at Obama's White House menu, a profile of New York's new mega-markte, Eataly (from Eater), and a guide to fall cocktails.

The app has a somewhat daunting "rewards" component, allowing users to unlock new content by linking the app with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Aside from that, Gourmet Live, which is free, for now, and doesn't have any ads, is light on the bells and whistles that have come to define other iPad magazines. Most of the time that's a good thing, though at one point I found myself wishing for some more explicit navigation after I stumbled upon a hidden (and mouthwatering) Fall Recipes section and couldn't figure out how to get back to the main screen.

But all in all, Gourmet Live is a great new take on an old food-lovers' favourite, and one that could well prove that there's life after print death. [iTunes]

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