Google Launches Phone Gallery For Android Phones

Google Launches Phone Gallery For Android Phones

 title=Want an Android phone, but unsure what to get? You could follow our guide, which is admittedly very US-centric, or you could use Google’s new Phone Gallery feature to compare the different Android handsets.

By pointing your browser at, you can select which Android powered handsets you want to look at to get a closer look at the specifications, compare phones side by side and sort via manufacturer, telco or country, including Australia.

At the moment, the Australian portal only includes phones from HTC or Samsung, leaving out the multitude of Android handsets from manufacturers like Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Garmin-Asus, despite some of those manufacturers being available on international pages.

Still, it’s a handy resource for someone looking to get an Android phone.

[Google Phone Gallery via Garrows]