Google Is Really Freaking The Hell Out Of Me

Today, Google's co-founder Sergey Brin said that they want to be your third brain lobe. Yesterday, Eric Schmidt said Google knows where you are, what you like and will suggest what you should do next. And that wasn't all.

These are my favourites quotes from the Google CEO - and Steve Jobs's best friend - said yesterday at IFA in Berlin:

"We can suggest what you should do next, what you care about. Imagine: We know where you are, we know what you like."

"Not only are you never lonely, you're never bored! We'll suggest what you should be watching, because we know what you care about."

"A near-term future in which you don't forget anything, because the computer remembers. You're never lost."

Well, here's a suggestion for you. [Liz Gannes, paidContent UK]

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