Gizmodo's Jason Chen One Of T3's Most Influential People In Tech

Gizmodo's very own Jason Chen has landed a spot - number 40, to be specific - on T3's list of the 100 most influential people in tech. We're quite proud of him and hope you are too.

The list was put together by expert judges from different areas of the tech industry and is filled with some of the brightest and most powerful folks in tech. Congratulations for earning a spot, Jason!

PS: Keep in mind that Jason was also nominated for the Gadget Person of the Year award and that voting is still open on that one. You can vote for Jason or any of his fellow nominees through the T3 page (the Person of the Year category is the final one).

PPS: Please do in fact vote for Jason because he's the handsomest, wittiest and most delightfully funny boss in the world and will bring me ice cream cake if he wins that award. [T3's Tech 100 and T3's Gadget Person Vote]

Portrait of Jason Chen by David Lanham

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