Give Your iPad An Extra Life With These Super Mario Cases

Given the sense of horror I experienced when I dropped and shattered my iPhone 4 a few weeks ago, I wouldn't go anywhere with an iOS device unless it was safely ensconced in some form of case. And these iPad cases from Melbourne-based Etsy designer HoobyGroovy are my favourite cases ever.

Available in either the 1-UP mushroom, the power-up mushroom or the Goomba, the cases are made from cotton and felt with loops and hooks to keep your gadgets in place. There's an extra pocket in the front for extra stuff as well, which I guess technically makes it a bit of a man bag. But if you're going to carry a man bag, you may as well make it a gaming-related one.

Each case costs $US40 plus shipping, although Aussies can pay via direct debit in Aussie dollars as well. Considering the extra life you could be giving your tablet, that sounds like a bargain for handmade geekery.


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