Gameloft Shows Off New Grand Theft Auto, Diablo Clones

Gameloft is the master of iPhone and iPad video game clones, as proven by these screens for the Grand Theft Auto-inspired Gangstar Miami Vindication and a trailer showing off the online multiplayer in Diablo-flavoured Dungeon Hunter 2.

The original Dungeon Hunter (if you could really call it original) is one of my favourite games on the iPhone and iPad, so a second helping arriving with both online and local multiplayer is a pretty big deal as far as I am concerned. The sequel looks to add new classes and areas, and you'll be able to connect with friends via both Gameloft Live and Apple's recently released Game Center.

I've never played the first iPhone Gangstar, West Coast Hustle, so I couldn't tell you how excited you should be over Gangstar Miami Vindication, coming to the App Store on September 23. It boasts more than 75 missions, plenty of shooting and car stealing and a Miami PD that's not afraid to call in the FBI if things get rough.

If you prefer your games a bit more original, Gameloft released Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD on the App Store today for $13.

Check out the screens for Gangstar and the Dungeon Hunter 2 trailer below.

Republished from Kotaku.

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