Free Wi-Fi Trial At Sydney's Circular Quay Train Station

One of the country's most iconic train stations, Circular Quay in Sydney, has received a geeky bonus today with the launch of a three month trial of free Wi-Fi for commuters. But why is it only a trial, Cityrail?

The free Wi-Fi trial will allow commuters to get online for free for two 20 minute sessions a day per device with a 50MB download limit, which means this isn't a gateway to update iTunes on the cheap. Instead, it's for checking emails and a little bit of web browsing - just don't try and watch a video.

The question now is why Cityrail is only considering this as a three-month trial. They've already had 40,000 customers connect to the free Wi-Fi on the Manly ferry since June, which should be enough evidence that people want this kind of service. They should be rolling it out across every station on the Cityrail network, although given that they can't even get their timetabling right, that's probably too much to ask...

[Railcorp (PDF)] Image: Wikimedia Commons

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