Don't Just Dump Electronics And Cables Into Your Suitcase

Like me, you're probably making a collection of devices and cables that you need to pack with you when you go places. And, like me, you probably just shove them all into your travel bag. No more!

They've got a handful of reasonably priced containers for your junk. The Headphone Travel Case is $US20 and holds headphones, random cables and a candy bar, because listening to music is tiring.

Then there's the Personal Media Pouch, which just has six pouches for a bunch of your wires and gadgets. $US13.

Two-sided cord pouch is great for video people who have microUSB, miniUSB, chargers, connectors and various other long, windy things. $US20.

On-The-Go Charger has three pouches, places for three chargers as well as a hidden power strip. The front cover flips back to act as a tripod to hold the whole thing upright, so you can plug the power strip in and charge directly from the case. $US25.

Lastly, there's the Remote Wrangler, which has four places for remotes. Not suggesting you take this one when you travel. $US20. [Kangaroom]

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