Doctors Will Use Dell Streak Tablets For Treating Patients

At five inches, the Streak is a lot more portable than the iPad - but still not quite as pocket-friendly (lab coat-friendly?) as the iPhone. Nonetheless, that's where Dell wants to place its tablets, ramming it with a healthcare software app.

I wasn't aware of this, but it seems Dell has quite the reputation in the medical world, with its software aiding doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners stay up to date with patients' medical records. They purchased Perot Systems for $US3.9 billion last year, gaining the company's technology and reputation in this area.

We've all heard the stories of doctors using iPhones, but the Streak Dell aims to fight back, giving the tablet to doctors to test later this year. The dual cameras will supposedly be useful for recording the patient's progress, and via the app they can update their electronic medical records. [Reuters]

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