Cross-eyed Timekeeping Arrives With Latest Tokyoflash Watch Concept

Can you tell what time it is on this watch? No? Stare harder. It' 5:36, told to your eyes by way of a clever optical illusion.

It took me a while to see the time, even with a hint, but it's certainly there and once you see it you can't un-see that which you have seen.

Now, if a person still cannot tell time with this watch, a button on the side turns off the illusion and displays only the numbers. But what fun is telling the time if there's no splitting headache involved? No fun at all, that's what. [Tokyoflash via Chip Chick via Technabob]


    it comes then quickly goes away, i thought it said 05:33 :/

    how convenient.

    I fucking hate this magic eye bullshit. Never worked for me. Fuck you magic eye watch.

      Hahaha. that made me laugh. Everyone says that, "what where I can't see anything?" That is what makes this design so cool! Piss off all your friends and make them look stupid! Then press the button and shazam! In your face MoFo. Hahaha! Love it.

    That is awesome. I saw it accidentally. Not magic eye - don't look through it. Just unfocus your eyes a bit.

    That would suck. As soon as i got it, the time would have changed...

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