Buzz Aldrin: The Gizmodo Interview

"The world resists change."

So sayeth Buzz Aldrin, the first man to land a man-made craft on the moon. While others obsess over who put their foot on the surface first, this is the guy who piloted the craft that touched down while Armstrong hitched along. In our one-on-one video interview with the man himself, we hear an inspiring voice for reaching out to space, why it is important, and what's holding humanity back from achieving its long-term potential.

Aldrin seeks international and private co-operation in space, and sees NASA heading in the wrong direction by continuing to focus on a return to the moon. For Aldrin, our next step should be a series of leaps toward a series of one-way trips to Mars to begin a colony in the name of research and further long-term thinking. Read his excellent Popular Mechanics feature on the subject here (which we discuss early in the interview, and how his outlook has changed since writing this piece).

As a person, Buzz is inspiring in his passion and drive to keep pushing the "boldly go" message.

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