Blockbuster Will Be 'Evaluating Every Single Store'

Shed a few tears over Blockbuster's demise? You're not alone. But don't worry, there is a glimmer of hope, with its CEO promising that stores performing well might stay open.

If you and your neighbours have been loyal to Blockbuster over the years, there's a chance they'll recognise the branch performs well and might keep it as one of their few successful stores.

CEO James Keyes said, "We'll literally be evaluating every single store." Up until the end of August, they apparently had 3300 stores across the US, but it's said they will have to shed between 500 and 1300 at least to have a chance at making money again.

In case there are any number crunchers out there interested in the level of troubles Blockbuster has been facing, they declared $US1.46 billion in debt yesterday, with $US1.02 billion in assets. [Bloomberg]

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