Black And White HDR Video Like Artist's Sketches Brought To Life

Of the three HDR videos we've seen recently, this is probably the most unusual. Several hundred photos were taken in black and white and batch-processed together to create something you could almost see in an e-ink graphic novel.

Photographer Andy used a Sony a700 DSLR with a Sigma 10-20 lens and a black and white ND10 stop filter to capture the many hundreds of photos of the same scene, which were then put through Photomatix to create that HDR look which is so popular nowadays.

To take 70 seconds of video, he normally takes around 700 photos using a Hahnel Giga T wireless remote, which allows him to set up exposures and other changes.

Describing his post-production method, Andy says:

"I use Photomatix batch processing to combine 2 shots to create the HDR, in theory this shouldn't work as they are the same exposure and offer no difference. I alter the HDR settings and run a test shot through to see what it looks like, changing settings to alter the strength and colour of the HDR. Once I'm happy I let it run with my pc it can take up to 30mins but can vary massively depending on size and number of shots.

Finally once all the shots are processed I import them into quicktime using open image sequence, and then export the video with HD quality settings."

He's shot some amazing HDR photos and video around Wales, but my favourite has to be the one of the road in Cardiff, below. [Andyathlon via Photography Bay]

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