Belgian Prison Metal Detectors Fail On 'Pretty, Young Lawyers'

A Belgian jail's metal detector falters whenever attractive lawyers visit, allegedly because it's too sensitive to the underwire in bras. To ensure they're not packing guns, the lawyers are then asked to remove their bras to enter the jail.

The Hasselt jail has come under fire because of its faulty metal detectors, which has seemingly developed anthropomorphic qualities due to the moments it chooses to "break down".

A representative of criminal barristers in the city, Joseph Rowies, told the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper that "the metal detection checks seem very difficult to carry out when a pretty, young lawyer or visitor reports to the prison gate...Time and again they let the metal detector go off. First, the shoes, then the jewellery. And, since the detector still beeps, they demand that the lady in question take off her bra."

Funnily enough, when the jail tested the metal detectors, they found that they "functioned perfectly".

I think we all know what - or who - is to blame here. Once again, technology gets the blame for everything. [Telegraph via Jezebel]

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