Behold, LG PX950, The First THX-Certified 3D TV

LG's PX950 plasma 3DTV is the first one to be THX-certified, which means it passed THX lab tests (WTF are those, you ask?) for left and right eye images on colour accuracy, cross-talk and viewing angles.

It looks pretty excellent, but in our experience, 3D tends to look better with plasma sets in general, on top of the usual reasons plasma excels LCD at the same price point. So, it's hard to gauge how much extra juice the THX certification carries versus, say, a Panasonic plasma 3DTV without serious testing. And it's probably only a matter of time before other THX-certified 3DTVs show up.

In two sizes, 60 and 50 inches, for $US3000 and $US2000 respectively, the PX950's other powers are LG's TruBlack filter, which is supposed to minimise reflections; 2D to 3D conversion, 600Hz max sub-field driving; and online services like Netflix and Vudu. [LG]

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