Awesome Official 1966 Batmobile Replicas Now For Sale

I can't believe DC has officially licensed the 1966 Batmobile for real, full-scale car production. Not because it's not the right and awesome thing to do, but because I thought kitsch shininess and glam sexual innuendo didn't require any licence.

Nevertheless, you can actually buy this car now, to drive legally in all countries where it's legal to drive car fire-spitting cars in spandex suits. For just $US150,000, Mark Racop and his Fiberglass Freaks replicas will get you a full, exact copy of the 1966 Batmobile with:

• Rocket exhaust flamethrower works (YES!)

• Show-car quality paint job.

• Car sports Radir wheels with accurately shaped bat spinners.

• Brand new GM 350 crate engine and brand new transmission.

• centre console aluminium trim

• Five light flasher, steering bezel, door sill chevron plates, "chrome-painted seat buckets, and even the very knobs, buttons and T handles are molded from vintage equipment."

• Five highly-polished aluminium roll top dashboard doors that glide open.

• Red beacon light.

• Batbeam antenna grid raises between the front windshields.

• Detect-a-scope radar screen glows green.

• DVD player that plays on the LCD screen in the dash.

• Hood and trunk raise and lower with actuator switches.

• High-end stereo to play back the original Batman theme or the Prince one.

You will have to find your own boyish sidekick, but I can only see win in all this. [—Thanks Lalo!]

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