Archos Fires Scattershot Of Android Touchscreen Devices

Rather than competing against the iPad with a single, carefully crafted tablet, Archos is hoping one of its five new mobile devices will appeal to someone. The line ranges from 2.8 inches to 10.1 inches, though the smaller devices aren't much competition.

The Archos 28 and 32 ($US100 and $US150 respectively) seem more like overpowered PMPs than tablet contenders - notable only for their 800Mhz processor. The next step up is the $US200, 1Ghz Archos 43, squishing 854×480 onto a crummy resistive touchscreen.

The final two units are where customers might become interested. The $US275 7-inch tablet includes a capacitive touchscreen running at 800×480, offers HDMI-out, MicroSD storage and can chew through formats like FLV and MKV. For $US25 more, you can step up to a 10.1-inch, 1024×600 model.

The entire series doesn't have a terrible amount going for it, beyond Froyo out of the box and decent prices prices. But resistive screens on the smaller three pseudo-tablets, no Google apps and no access to the Android Market means we expect many will take a pass on Archos' sampler. [Archos via CrunchGear]

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