Apple Looking For Metal Experts

Apple Looking For Metal Experts

If you are a swordsmith with 800 experience, 903 strength, 540 dexterity and 1230 magic points and have an engineering degree focused on amorphous metals, Apple is looking for people to work with their exclusively licensed Liquid Metal technology.

They are looking for an extremely qualified Amorphous Metal Development Manager and an Amorphous Metal Development Engineer, who will have a prominent role in the engineering and manufacturing of new Apple products. Here are some of the requirements.

• Developing amorphous alloy composition, molding and forming processes, and secondary operations (e.g. machining, grinding, finishing) as applicable to Apple requirements.

• Meeting quality, capacity, logistics and cost requirements by working closely with Industrial Design, Product Design and Global Supply Managers.

• Identifying, researching, developing, and qualifying world-class equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

• Optimizing process capabilities to achieve dimensional tolerance and cosmetic finish requirements.

• Developing manufacturing processes including all parameters, consumables and secondary operation requirements to meet defined specifications.

• Working with Global Supply Managers to define and establish supply chain requirements utilizing selected equipment and manufacturing suppliers.

• Amorphous Alloy composition, processing, and finishing familiarity essential.

• Provide onsite support at manufacturing sites during development.

They are also looking for a Metal Process Development Engineer, but that role could be taken by either Wolverine or Eddie Van Halen. [Apple, Apple, Apple via Apple Insider]