ANZ Joins The Property App Brigade

It seems pretty obvious that the banks all make a crapload of money out of home loans. Why else would three of the country's major banks invest time and money in creating augmented reality property apps for the iPhone? Joining St George and the Commonwealth Banks in the quest for your mortgage debt is ANZ, who today launched the ANZ Property Tracker app for iPhone.

The ANZ app offers the standard augmented reality features of overlaying property information on the home you're pointing your iPhone's camera at. It also introduces the ability to share properties with people on Facebook and Twitter, shortlist properties for inspection and auction and have the app set reminder alerts automatically and view the most recent sales price of properties.

Considering its a free download - just like the apps from he Commonwealth and St George - deciding which app you use to help you decide to buy a house isn't likely to become as difficult a decision as actually deciding what house to buy. After all, you can download all three and use them for free...

[ANZ Property Tracker]

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