An Ungodly 24GB Of RAM In One Desktop-Whipping Notebook

ORIGIN PC spits upon your battery life expectations. EON17 Gaming Notebook boasts an Intel Core i7 980X desktop processor, dual Nvidia Fermi GeForce GTX 480Ms and, most astoundingly, 24GB of memory. Feel free to keep all those tabs open.

The rest of the notebook's specs are almost as killer: a 17.3-inch display, up to 2TB of storage and Blu-ray playback with HDMI 1.4 output. That being said, beefy desktop replacement laptops are anything but new, and we doubt the EON17 will be able to do anything to shake the concept's hugest inherent flaws: enormous mass and pitiful battery life. But maybe the 24GB of RAM will be enough for you to overlook this - though keep in mind it'll tack on another $US2831 to the $US2499 starting price. [ORIGIN PC]

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