Amazon UK Lists Samsung Galaxy Tab At £799 ($US1240)

If Samsung were to sell the Galaxy Tab in the US converting straight from the UK price listed by Amazon (doubtful, but stick with me...), it would cost $US1240. That's in the same ballpark as Amazon Germany's price.

While we're still waiting to see if AT&T scoops up the Galaxy Tab for subsidised contracts, Amazon UK's £799 price tag is not making us confident Samsung's tablet will be any cheaper than the iPad. UK online retailer Clove has listed the Galaxy Tab at £615 ($US955), which is more sensible but still far too much for the 7-inch Android tablet.

Manufacturers rarely convert straight from other country's prices, so even if the Galaxy Tab did actually cost £799 in the UK, it's doubtful Samsung would price it at $US1240. Anything over $US500 would be ridiculous. [Amazon via TechRadar]

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