3D Glasses - Perhaps I Need A Smaller Head

Could my problems with 3DTV be down to the size of my noggin?

I've commented in the story on the 3D TV broadcasts of the AFL and NRL Grand Finals that 3DTV has to date made me feel a little on the nauseous side. Doesn't seem to matter who the vendor is, the process of fooling the eye into thinking 2D images have depth just makes my stomach want to demonstrate how much depth it has rather forcefully.

Sony doesn't yet have a solution to my problems, but as Gus at Lifehacker discovered this afternoon, they are working to solve another problem that early 3DTV adopters have noted, namely, glasses that are too big to fit on tiny heads. Anyone got a head-shrinking potion I can test to see if that cures my particular 3D TV woes?


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