15-inch Acer Dual-Screen Laptop Spotted

An Acer laptop with dual 15-inch screens has been spotted. That is, one 15-inch screen would act as a display and the other 15-inch screen would replace the keyboard and trackpad. That would make for one gigantic dual-screen laptop.

Much is unknown about the Acer dual-screen laptop, but it carries on the same idea of the Microsoft Courier and the Toshiba Libretto W100 (which has dual 7-inch screens). TechReviewSource says the laptop isn't expected to ship until Late 2011 so any rumoured specs are bound to be different.

[TechReviewSource via Electronista]


    I wonder if even the screen-keys are easy to knock off!

    Easy to clean the "keyboard" now when you are done watching pr0n.

    That keyboard shown looks a little bit like a MacBook.
    To me anyway.

    Love it if we were looking at dual touch screens

    Pretty neat...unless you're a touch typist in which case there goes your productivity. Have fun finding those home keys.

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