You Can Use A Netgear Wireless USB Adaptor To Get Your Panny TV Online

There are a lot of internet-ready TVs hitting the market this year, but a lot of them only offer a wired solution out of the box - you need to spend a bit of coin to get a branded wireless adaptor if you don't want to remodel your home with Ethernet cables. Fortunately for Panasonic TV owners, they've partnered with Netgear allowing you to use Netgear's USB wireless adaptors in certain Viera TVs to get them online.

The benefit of using a Netgear adaptor over a Panasonic one is that with a Netgear router as well as a Netgear USB adaptor, you can connect your TV at the press of a button, rather than having to key in wireless passwords.

The N600 USB adaptor that works with Panny TVs will set you back $119, while the dual band gigabit router recommended for one-touch connection is $279.

You can find a list of compatible Panasonic TVs here.


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