You Can Power Your Magic Trackpad With Magic USB After All

I get it, Magic Trackpad. You don't want any gaudy cords messing up the smooth lines of your industrial design. But some of us prefer USB power over batteries - and we will not be denied.

This simple, non-invasive hack requires only a wooden dowel (approximately Magic Trackpad battery-circumferenced) with a screw in each end, a USB cord and some spare wire. Remove your Trackpad batteries, strip the USB cord - carefully - down to red and black wires, and attach them to the dowel. Like so:

And there you have it! It may not be as pretty, but it's way more efficient and green - assuming that the Magic Trackpad doesn't mind the 5V of USB power instead of the 3V two AA batteries will give you.

Assuming it does - and so far, there aren't any indications this has been a problem - the hack will also save you from having to buy one of those $US30 battery chargers that are probably just Sanyos anyway. Magic! [MacRumors Forums via Hack A Day]

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