Why Did Apple Jump From 7th To 3rd World's Largest Portable Maker?

Deutsche Bank's analyst Chris Whitmore put all portable computers - notebooks, netbooks and magical devices - together to see how the portable market has changed. Not surprisingly, the three million iPads sold give Apple an impressive boost. But that's not all.

Whitmore argues that the growing tablet segment - which includes the iPad as well as the future HP's Palm-based tablet and RIM's fabled BlackPad - should include all these devices because they are being used as computers by both consumers and corporate buyers. It is a reasonable point, which seems the reason why Steve Ballmer's not too happy and everyone is racing to release an iPad competitor. When you look at the year-over-year growth for the total portable market, you can see exactly why:

The year-on-year change in market share also paints a similar picture.


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