Who Said The Parallel Port Was Dead?

I don't know if this parallel DB25 to serial DE9 to serial Mini DIN-8 to USB converting ghetto chain works, but a reader says it does, and I really, really want to believe him. Here's the alleged proof:

It can be doctored, but the world would be a better place if it were real - even if it probably breaks the laws of quantum physics. [Thanks Mike!]


    I've got one of those USB drives, and the white part lights up orange when it's plugged into a usb port. Not sure if something is stopping the light, but still allowing access to the drive. Also, can you get parallel ports on core i3/5/7 motherboards?

    That looks like its a 2RU Rack Mount Server, not a PC. So it would be running a server motherboard, which could possibly be running an LTP Port.

    You can also see the SCSI Ports in the PCI Slot.

    However looks like a fake for a few reasons. The device manager shows that there is only 1 COM port, yet you can see 2 on the physical box. Also USB Requires 5v of power. So unless thats a custom adapter that reroutes the pins to provide power, then I'm calling fake.

    I've every time I see someone trying this it never works and all the pics are faked. The most obvious problem in this one is that model flash drive should be pulsing orange and there is no light coming from it...
    Also USB Flash sticks in ps2 converters DO NOT WORK.

    It looks pretty fake to me. That "serial Mini DIN-8 to USB converter" actually looks like one of those USB to PS/2 converters that used to be bundled with mice. Those converters are simple passive wiring adapters - the mouse itself talks both USB and PS/2. Also, as Kenks said, where does the 5v come from? There are ways to trick serial or parallel ports into giving you a supply voltage (using the signal lines), but you wouldn't get more than a few tens of milliamps from them.

    Finally, where would you get a driver that understood this mess?

    Thats the back of a Dell Poweredge server. Sorry cant remember the model number.

    Pretty cool nonetheless, I've got a few quadzillion adapters in storage, maybe I'll give it a go...

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